Sunday, April 19, 2009


"A man must live in the country he interprets. He can only interpret the country in which he was born and where his people lived before him"
-N.C. Wyeth

This is my heaven piece. My teacher was gracious enough to give me more time on it, so I decided to finish it. I am so glad that it's all over. I did a lot of rendering on this piece. Not all of it is great rendering how I would like, but there was just so many elements to cover. I'm not sure if I wanna be as crazy as Rockwell and lay out mad elements. That's one of the reasons why I wanna get away from narrative pieces.

But basically the concept is an idea of heaven where it's a Saturday afternoon and all the neighbors are outside their balconies interacting with each other.

Oh yeah, and if you ever start talking the way I was talking in this video, put down the brushes and take a BREAK! I don't know what I was on. Must have been the fumes from the oils.

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