Sunday, March 28, 2010

Samba Queen

There's another piece for my Senior Show. Three more to go. Not sure how I feel about it. I'm always open to crits. 

Friday, March 26, 2010

Robert McGinnis Studies & Passista Progress

I've studying a lot of Robert McGinnis. The man knew how to draw women. I got this great book on him called Tapestry and I've been doing some master copy drawings. It has helped me out tremendously. The Norman Rockwell studies I've done this week have been a great help too. You can really learn a lot about an artist's techniques by going line by line. I'm gonna continue to do girl drawings from this book. He has a ton. Really am diggin' his work.

Robert McGinnis and Rockwell have really helped me out in drafting this Passista piece I'm doing for my Senior show. Unfortunately I just don't have the money and resources to print these tops at this time. But I'll hold on to these and hopefully in the future, I'll launch the line. I'm gonna ink the Passista piece tomorrow and it should be done by Sunday.

Also, I went to the Ringling Museum thursday where they had Norman Rockwell original paintings! They are great! You really can't pick up on things by just looking at books and monitors. You have to see it in person to 'see' all the brush strokes. Being there and seeing his paintings live and in person is really something magical. I felt a connection with the yo, I stood where he stodd - right in front of his painting. It's an experience I can't quite describe. Can't wait to move to NYC. I heard there is a museum up there just for him.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hunting Season Preview

Megacon 2010

The Megacon Convention was off the hook! I went with my friend Jessalyn Graham. There were a whole lot of people that dressed up as different characters. It felt like a halloween party. Jessalyn was gonna dress up as Uhura but she chickened out last minute. haha That's right. I got to meet alot of kool artists like Ray-Anthony Height and Matt. Got an awesome signed poster of Wonder Woman from Ray. Picked up a copy of the all new Botobit Volume 1. The guys that run it, Wesley and Ryan Eggebrecht were very generous in checking out my portfolio. Everyone was generous in checking out my port.

I got alot of good feedback despite the fact that my portfolio wasn't geared towards comics. I gotta beef that up a notch. I think my style is gonna shift in that direction given this new comic influence I'm having now. I'm definitely gonna have a supa slammin' portfolio to show at Comic Con this July. As you can see I threw in some Zorro studies last minute before Megacon, just to get my feet wet.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Head & Hair Studies

Did some head studies to prep up for a big project I'm working on. Sssshhhh. (whispering) I'm not suppose to tell anyone what it is...but it's big. My first BIG gig. Will be released sometime this year. Will keep you posted....not.