Monday, April 16, 2012

So here is the final product. I have another one of her with a tank top. A black one. I'm going to pitch the tank one next week. Plus I still have to put the lettering on it. I kinda like this style of illustrating. Im going to pursue this more.

By the way, I used no photo reference whats so ever :). I did however for the clipper. I painted the clipper from life.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stand Up 2 Cancer

At work I'm working on the Stand Up 2 Cancer campaign. Some people may have already seen the ads in Time Square. But I wanted to try to pitch and illustration on my personal time to see if they would accept. And obviously, the one on the right might have to be censored. I have her shaving her head and then say something on the top like "We Are All In It Together" or something to that effect. These I felt were the strongest comps. There was another one like the one below which was kool too but some perverts might mistake it for pubic hair smh haha.

Untitled Short Film Project

Hi guys. I just finished meeting with Max Evry, the director to a short film he's putting together. Here is the piece to it. He's a great guy that loves movies....LIKE ME! We're going to work together again soon. Anyway here is the production art I did for him. Not really going to say anything about the story or this painting. Just look at it and let your mind wander. I wanted to experiment with the graphic realist style of Alberto Mielgo. One of my favorite contemporary artists in the industry. Shapes shapes shapes its all about shapes.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tony & Angel Short Film Boards

When I first arrived in New York I hit up craigslist looking for PA work. Thats how I met the director of this project. I'm helping a production crew put a short film together. I storyboarded the whole thing. I'm also designing the poster. Will post that up as soon as I'm finished with it. 

I'm actually kinda glad I linked up with these guys. I knew hardly anyone when I moved out here. I met seven friends my first week. I can't wait to see NYC in the Spring and Summer. More opportunities are sure to blossom.


Self Exploration
I haven't posted something in ages. Working on a commission right now. Will be back with more really soon!