Friday, March 20, 2009

Patty Boop

Wassup bloggers. Did this Nicolai Fechin study and tried to apply it to a portrait I did for my friend Patty. I drew her as Betty Boop cuz she looks like Betty Boop. So her names Patty Boop.

But yo, I love the way this dude Fechin draws his facial features. The way he does his eyes, nose, and lips is slick. Lot of long smooth lines. I definitly had fun studying his drawing. Repin is kool and all, but Fechin definilty has more interesting line work drawing wise. Expect to see some more Fechin in my sketchbook. I haven't really drawn from life lately. Been dying to but since I'm in school right now, I don't get out much so I've been doing a lot of book work.


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