Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Harvest

Man oh man oh man. I am exhausted. A full body massage from two Thai girls wouldn't hurt right about now. I tried doing this piece in the Bayou Studios, but what a pain it is to walk back and forth from the studio to my dorm. I'm painting in the dorm next time.

I actually came up with this idea a year ago as a concept for Orion's album art. The last two sketches above were drawn a year ago in February. However, it was a 'no go' so we went for the vaccination illo. This idea popped into my mind again when I was assigned to do an illustration on a current event. This assignment was meant for the illustrator to make a statement about any issue confronting us today. I decided to go with the controversial topic of Embryonic Stem Cell Research which has a lot of people heated up.

I would say that the painting took about 12 hours. I'm happy with it. Hopefully it'll get in the Best of Ringling. Hopefully I'll get in ANYTHING into the Best of Ringling.


jstarr said...

that baby is going to give me nightmares. hardcore deathbaby nightmares. nice painting!

Andre Barnwell said...

Thanks for hailing me up on my blogspot. You look like a growing artist. Keep grinding homie.