Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Gal Takes the Boys to School

Wassup yall. We were assigned a political illustration by my instructor Joe Theil. Everybody in the class were obviously taking cracks at McCain and Palin being the libs that they are. So I was the only brave conservative that dared charge against the liberal horde.

Originally, Joe Biden was suppose to be sitting next to Palin's desk with a Dunce Cone on his head, but Theil hated the idea and told me to take Biden out and to add Bush as the Dunce if that. He went on some liberal Biden worshiping rant about how Biden was more qualified to be President. Anyways, Biden as the Dunce would've made for a stronger and funnier piece. When he asked what will go on the board, I kinda hesitated cuz I figured he would of shot those ideas down as well. So I acted dumb and stalled.

As far as composition, I feel it's kinda strong. Theil didn't like the colors at all. I was going for a muddy, earth toned classroom feel. I mean, I like it. Theil said it looked rushed. And he was right. I learned a lesson on this assignment. I have to get away from the Lisa French approach of being process work heavy and devote more time on the execution of the piece instead. Cuz in the end, you can have a strong concept like this one, but if the final piece sucks, the whole thing falls apart.

I got it published on in the political cartoons section.

Overall, good concept, weak execution, it's aiight it's aiight. I don't know guys. What do you think?

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