Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kodak Portra 400 Set

 Some alien that was in a movie (Museum of the Moving Image) The lighting is what makes this picture. As I mature as a photographer I come to realize that while lenses and filmstock are important, its really all about lighting. How I perceive light. Like in the image below. The way the corridor is lit, the color that is cast over the walls and floor, its so interesting. Im an interpreter of light. Light that has been spoken into being by the heavenly Father.

Yeah Im a star trek geek. Although I didnt follow the original series much. I got into it during the "next generation" days. "Computah....earl" Sip...aah

Shooting in this museum was tough. It was very low lit. I had a 400 speed film. Next time I need to wait before taking the first shot until I am on location - that way i can determine if I should push the film 1 stop.

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